Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Welcome Page

Photographic Power in Narratives
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Let's Get Started!
Welcome to your online course on creating written narratives with photographs. I am your instructor, Joy Iris-Wilbanks, for this class I designed activities and modules so that you will be able to have an effective and immersive experience. Please refer to the class syllabus which was emailed out to you earlier for objectives and class goals. You will use the following text for this course:

Text: Blass, L. and Vargo, M. (2013). Pathways 1 Reading, Writing, and Critical Thinking. Boston, Cengage Learning.

To complete this lesson follow the following steps. You can refer back to this "welcome page" to know which step you need to take next. 

step1 copy.jpg
How: OFFLINE (Complete before coming online)
          • You will use pg. 181 in your book
          • First bookmark the page with a piece of paper, and close your book.
          • Close your eyes then open the book to that page and open your eyes. 
          • Look at the picture. After about 15 to 20 seconds write down your reaction. How does it make you feel? What is visually appealing? Any other thoughts.
          • Keep this information available for the next step.
 step2 copy.jpg
How: Go to the "Conference" area of the Canvas
    •  Join the "Conference 1" and be prepared to share your reaction to pg. 182

step3 copy.jpg
How: Go to the "Module 1a" page and be prepared to do the following
        • First look and read pages 182 - 183 in your book. Do this for about 5 to 8 minutes. 
        • Next go to Module 1a and read through the content.
        • Next go to Module 1b and take part in the TedEd activity.
        • Return to the Canvas website and complete the assessment at Module 1b
        • Module 1a (CLICK HERE)
        • Module 1b (CLICK HERE)

How: First you will read pages in your text and then you will go to the Collaborations area and find the describing photos collaboration link. 
        • First read page 197 and pg. 199 in your text. You will use the information you learned here to complete an online exercise.
        • Work together and create a short descriptive paragraph for each of the two photos. This work will be assessed and each student will be given a grade.
        • Collaborations (Click here to go to Collaborations)

How: Go to the "Module 2" page and follow directions
        • Follow the directions on the Module 2 page. You will follow links and explore photo-blogs. 
        • Be prepared to create a document that you can upload to the "Discussions" board based on your research
        • After completing the task, go to the  discussion forum and create your own discussion. Here copy and paste your research notes. 
        • After this is done and others have posted their notes, respond to 2 other student's posting giving critical feedback. 
        • Module 2

How: Go to the "Module 3" page and follow directions
        • Follow the directions on the module 3 page. 
        • You will be prompted to explore your local area by finding an event or new place to go to and taking photos and notes on the experience.
        • Then you will chose a digital format to create your photo-narrative. Either via a blogging website, Online picture narrating application or a powerpoint presentation with text. 
        • After creating your photo-narrative create a new discussion and post either the link to the blog, narrative app or insert the PPT you created. Discussion Index
        • Include a brief description and notes on your experience creating it.
        • Look at 2 other classmates photo-narrative discussions and post responses.
        • Module 3
How: Go to the "Module 4" page and follow directions.
        • Follow the directions on the module 4 page.
        • This will be used to gauge your experience with all of the activities and interactions you completed for this lesson. 
        • You will use a Word document that you download to complete this assessment. 
        • When finished e-mail this to the instructor via the Canvas e-mail. 
        • Module 4